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The Fotoks team provides its customers with a full scope of offers, from photo sorting to best shot retouching. We are the best choice for entrepreneurs, photographers, ad providers, realtors, construction enterprises, and people who just wish to make their pictures better. We are among the top since we care deeply about every detail and enjoy the extensive experience.


24 hours Processing

Edited photos will be delivered not later than in one days.


Complete privacy

We guarantee 100% confidentiality for your data.


Flexible discounts

Save 5 to 15% with our loyalty program.

Headshot Editing

We can get your headshots to seem gorgeous and artfully retouched.

Our specialists can improve skin texture and fix any flaws to make your shots really appealing.

These services include:

  • Color correction;
  • Skin retouching;
  • Removing blemishes and excess hair;
  • Make-up application.

Only $0.25 photo.

Wedding Photos

Brush up on the romantic spell of your wedding memories. Here we have:

  • Skin texture retouching;
  • Wrinkle erasing;
  • Fixing fabric drawbacks;
  • Adjusting lighting errors.

Send us a whole set of your wedding photos. We’ll pick the best shots, improve the colors, and clear out distracting objects. The bride’s clean white dress and bright background tones are assured.

Only $0.25 photo.

Body and Figure

We know how to make any model’s parameters more appealing. We can:

  • Remove all skin defects;
  • Reshape body curves;
  • Get your figure slimmer;
  • Change the photo’s background;
  • Do a basic facial retouching;
  • Wipe out excess clothing pieces.

Fotoks may flatter the lovely curves of the model’s body while retaining the proportions. We can smooth out the balance between the dark and light parts to give you a pro-quality result.

Only $0.25 photo.

Fashion Shots

Our work is nothing less than art. We are greatly committed to our job to get realistic and amazing images. We can erase any imperfections on your fashion photos and infuse them with glamour, achieving a flawless result.

Fashion photo retouching is vital for fashion magazines since models have to look superb on their pages.

Only $0.25 photo.

Children Photos

We can fix your children’s shots to get a gorgeous photo book. Our specialists can get rid of skin defects, fix red hues/colors, clear unwanted details, and swap the background. Newborn facial redness is a frequent concern that requires professional editing. This process is highly delicate, as we do not want the baby’s appearance and body proportions to be altered.

Only $0.25 photo.

Sorting Images

This implies processing a separate set. When a large shoot (wedding, any event) is finished, you often get a bunch of shots, and some of them are always double-takes. Our specialists can inspect all those images and keep the best ones. Blurry shots, as well as those featuring people with their eyes closed, excessive objects in the surround, and photos with any defects are considered unacceptable. You will end up with only the top-quality and appealing shots, and you won’t waste time looking at duplicates.

Background Removal

Once the background has been removed, the object may appear out of place, which ruins your perception. An image may require one or several shadow types all at once. We can make the image seem perfectly natural by using the shadow overlay effect. Lighting and shadow are the two major elements. You can’t take state-of-the-art shots without the right lighting and enhance the depth and lifelike impact without shadows. You may benefit from the shadowing as much as the lighting.

Photo editing services:


Resizing or cropping is another job you can order from us. We typically use cropping when distracting objects must be erased to focus on the basic things. This also includes leveling the horizon, swapping the shooting angle, and cropping the shot against the main focus.

Contour Clipping

We tend to manual clipping to exclude distorted areas. Each cropped image gets checked for quality by our specialists. We ensure 100% quality processing.

You may cut corners and benefit from our top-quality suggestions. Shadows and reflections may prevent a floating-in-the-air effect. Yet, we can produce this effect to make your products look as if they were shot against the white.

Color Correction

If you wish your images to look bright, then ask for color correction. Sometimes images fall short of the ideal look, which can be caused by multiple factors, from camera settings to lighting. A well-processed image with color focusing may capture the necessary vibe.

We provide truly exceptional, prompt, and affordable assistance. Our team is highly skilled in working with colors.

Shadow Creation

You may often come up with a perfect shot featuring an awful background. You may also have a cute product pic that is marred by irrelevant objects. In these cases, you’d better turn to us.

This offer refers to etching images using Photoshop. We use masks in Photoshop to achieve the highest results.

The masking technique is highly effective for headshots as well. It is excellent for smooth or blurry edges, hair, and small details where clipping outlines fail.

Modifying Your Shots

Turn your photos into something creative and exciting. We can outplace heads, change facial expressions, reshape scenes, reshape your photos into drawings, and make cute collages. Fotoks retouchers deal with multiple challenges, namely converting pics into a sketch, watercolor paintings, or cartoon drawing for artistic aims, and much more.

Only $0.25 photo.


We can help your jewelry pics shine and sparkle. We improve the gemstones, replace the surround, do color correction, and erase any blemishes.

  • Background removal;
  • Color enhancement;
  • Reflection refinement;
  • Gloss overlay.

Reflections and glare can utterly ruin your jewelry’s appearance. We can fix these issues and make your jewelry images shine.

Only $0.25 photo.

Merchandise Photos

We can boost the visual impact of your e-shop or social networks. We can edit your images smartly and make them stand out from the competition. We work with furniture, vehicles, clothes, shoes, ghost mannequin shots, and e-commerce pictures, on Amazon and eBay.

We suggest basic retouching, color enhancement, and white balance leveling. Background cleaning is another step required to remove all distracting items.

Only $0.25 photo.

Real Estate Photos

We provide expert services to edit your real estate photos, keeping in mind the current trends in housing.

  • 360-degree photography;
  • HDR photo;
  • Landscaping;
  • Aerial real estate photography.

We do know how to remove extra items from your real estate photo to make it look eye-catching. Get a pro shot now.

Only $0.25 photo.

Photo Restoration

We can refresh your memories by coloring an old family image or fixing an impaired one from water or fire.

  • Adjusting water-damaged areas;
  • Fixing torn parts;
  • Removing stains;
  • Retouching the face.

When your images have severely aged and now look rather sad, we can help you bring them back to life. You can either just refresh your pictures, keeping them B&W, or turn them into color.

Only $0.25 photo.

How Does It Work?

To start using our service, all you have to do is take four simple steps:

  1. Upload your photos or provide a link to them.
  2. Write detailed instructions and attach an example*.
  3. Get your photos edited.
  4. Accept the work or send it for revision.

*If you need to stick to a certain style of photo processing, attach an example of what should be the result.

Upload photos

Get your edited photos

Write instructions

Submit for revision if needed

We work across the globe:

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Fotoks provides expert services at a fair price in the United States. Outsourcing photo post-processing is now safer and much better. This includes all levels of workflow, from basic correction to advanced restoration.

Our Company aims at providing top-quality and fast services to save your time. We offer all stages of post-processing: from natural skin smoothing, adjusting color balance, shadows, and brightness to advanced photo retouching.

United Kingdom

Fotoks is here to save your TIME. We stand for the quality of what we do. We work accurately and carefully with your wishes in mind.

Our clients come from all over the world. Even if you happen to be in the United Kingdom, you can get professional aid at a decent cost there as well. Our mission lies in excellent customer service, constant striving for improvement, and the utmost high-quality resources. We’ve built a team of top-notch editors with years of experience in the industry to achieve our goals.


The art of photography has recently attracted a growing number of people from all over the world. Australia is keeping up with the rest of the planet, so we’re witnessing a rise in the industry and an influx of professional photographers. Our aim is to help these people perfect their creative work.

We keep working to improve our customer support and upgrade our approach to make the entire workflow in Australia better.


Europe has always thrilled us with plenty of spectacular images and landscapes. Hundreds of satisfied clients have always mentioned our professionalism and commitment. We take on jobs of any complexity because we are fully confident in our abilities.

Amateur photographers are quite frequent in Europe. Yet many amateur photos go largely unnoticed due to flawed processing. You can get stunning images with Fotoks’ unparalleled services.


Our assistance is quite a hit in Canada as well. We feature our online team of first-class members who can edit your shots within 24 hours, following your style and delivering aesthetically pleasing pics. Forget about editing and focus on your personal stuff.

Fotoks stands for speed, simplicity, and safety. We employ a large team of experts, delivering your orders with accuracy and quality. No matter how complicated your order is, we can implement any concept.


We are leading this industry, providing full-service solutions for all sorts of processing and retouching tasks in Ireland. We run the whole range of support, including clipping, color correction, high-quality retouching, etc.

Our clients range from world-class media companies, e-commerce corporations, Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, online retailers, prominent photographers, fashion houses, and many others.

New Zealand

Backed by years of experience working with New Zealand clients, we provide quality assistance. Our skills come in handy for photographers as well as studios, graphic designers, creative agencies, publishers, web designers, e-commerce businesses, print companies, etc. We provide impeccable achievements.

We ensure top-quality results thanks to our team with at least 5 years of experience and a wealth of photo-editing skills.

South America

Fotoks is a team of creative people who enjoy their work. We appreciate your time, whether you’re a sought-after photographer, an e-commerce business owner, or a busy magazine editor.

Our team of editors and retouchers does a great job while maintaining the superior quality of editing that we stand out for. We handle all types of requests, from simple product image fixing to those more complex orders for large marketing campaigns.

What can we offer to photographers?

Showcase your portfolio or service in a way that strikes your customers’ imagination! Sell them their dreams! Outsourcing photo editing has never been this easy and affordable!

Advertising graphics through photomontage is just what you need.

  • Product display, promo photomontage, posters, banners, catalogs, websites, portals, media ads, etc.;
  • Photo enhancement;
  • Background removing and inserting a new one, erasing parts of a photo, inserting and removing objects, replacing faces, overlaying text, etc.

We can turn your shot into a whole new experience! There is no better calling card than well-done product pics or services.

Consecutive employee photos, pictures from the production process, company events, photo retouching for contests, and glamour photo editing. It’s worth investing in high quality!

  • High-quality photo retouching services;
  • Editing employee shots;
  • Removing and replacing surrounds, objects, and faces;
  • Cropping, rotating, combining, and resizing;
  • Photo processing for websites and e-shops, auctions, etc.;

Are you looking for advanced aid? We can remove, replace, or add any items, as well as arrange for a stunning photomontage. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Working with Photoshop;
  • Photomontage of faces, characters, and objects;
  • Artistic photomontage;
  • Background removing and inserting a new one, erasing parts of a photo, inserting and removing objects, replacing faces, overlaying text, etc.;

If you’re a pro photographer, you’re probably aware of the tremendous opportunities that digital tools afford you. We can help you change your shots, and remove and add what you need. We’ll rescue a bad shot and apply some artistic touches you need.

The offer includes:

  • Photomontage of faces, characters, and objects;
  • Working with Lightroom;
  • Artistic photomontage.

Are you feeling tired? Too much material to process? Should you need some professional assistance? You can simply entrust it to us.

Our benefits for business

Fotoks offers you quality outsourced image editing!

Shots represent an extremely critical element in creating the identity of a company and the people who represent it. Business pics are mostly used in press materials, on the Internet, and in promo campaigns. This type of photography allows you to introduce your company, products, and employees in the best way. High-quality footage provides one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates. What can you expect from us? Here is the answer:

  • Processing business headshots, executive portraits, and photos for CVs and websites;
  • Editing product shots, e-shop pics, blogs, catalogs, and flyers;
  • Interiors, offices, hotels, restaurants; interior transformations; constant cooperation with interior designers;
  • Cookery photos, and dishes for menus, restaurants, bars, and cafes;
  • Creating a ghost mannequin for clothes; before sunset photos;
  • Photo reports; shooting events, conferences, business meetings, and exhibitions; constant cooperation with PR agencies;
  • Image masking (image mask is the separation of an object from the background);

A person is a key to headshot photography! We handle artistic and casual headshots that can be used in private publications, blogs, and websites.

Photoshop is like an oven for bread, but not like icing for doughnuts. You need to feel it. That’s why we strive to process our photos the same way we do yours, to emphasize their brilliance. We always offer a professional approach (sparring, face retouching, etc.).

We never take shortcuts when performing photo post-production. We do our best to master every request. Classic photographic education, years of experience, and constant investment in the professional training of our employees. These are the elements that drive the quality of our results.

Fotoks Company Feedback
Feel free to leave your personal feedback below.
Camilla Goodstone
Camilla Goodstone
For me, the best retouching is done here. Some friends of mine advised me to try Fotoks, as they always send their photos here for retouching. These guys did excellent work and now I work with this service all the time.
Ben Dickinson
My wife and I had our wedding anniversary this year and I decided to give her a surprise for that date – to restore our old photos. I requested the wedding headshot retouching from this website and I am thrilled with the results. The photos look like they have been infused with new life and new feelings. My wife loved it!
Charley Anderson
Charley Anderson
I would say that such services are a big deal for photographers on vacation. You can hand over your photos for processing and enjoy your holidays. I often do so, as I like traveling. Don’t worry about the result. The team delivers quality work.
Andy Clark
This is the best company in the photo business. I can say this for sure because I’ve been doing photography for many years and I’ve worked with many companies over that time. Here, the quality of service is much higher and the attitude towards the client is extremely positive.
Olivia Martinez
Olivia Martinez
I had no idea that digital photo retouching could be such a miracle. My shots are almost perfect after being processed by Fotoks specialists. You can see that great and painstaking work has been done on every single part of the image. I recommend this service.
Victoria Rivera
Victoria Rivera
I asked for headshot editing services here. They did the job ahead of schedule. I liked the quality. My shots look much better, and many flaws were corrected.
Jacob Brown
I’m all thumbs when it comes to graphic design software and once I needed some creative editing for a whole set of photos. I contacted this site for help. We discussed all the details with the manager and very soon I received my order. The work was done perfectly.
Mia Torres
Mia Torres
It was the first time I had used this digital photo editing site. I liked everything about it. The deadlines, the quality of work, and the level of advice before ordering. If you need specialists in photo processing, be sure to consider this company.
Henry Thompson
This is a handy service for photographers with lots of orders but little time to edit photos. I usually send most of my shots to Fotoks. They do all the image editing for me.
Ella Robinson
Ella Robinson
Anyone who needs basic headshot retouching should contact Fotoks. There are qualified specialists here who can improve the photo. I work in the advertising industry, so photos must be flawless. This is exactly what this company helps me achieve.
Samuel Lewis
I ordered a family headshot retouching service here. The photo was an old one, taken by my parents when they were still young. It was something I cared a lot about, so I decided to restore it a bit. Ended up with an updated photo of excellent quality. Thank you very much for the work done!
Chris Red
I often order headshot editing services here, as I prefer entrusting this job to professionals. A great service for those who spend much effort working with photography. It saves you a lot of time.



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