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Photo retouching price

The Fotoks experts believe that quality and timeliness are not the only things that matter to our customers. The cost is also crucial. That’s why we offer the best prices on this market. Our price list is available on this page, and you can consult it at any time, as well as contact us to learn more about each of the services presented.

Photo retouching prices depend mainly on the complexity and scope of the work. Not only individuals, but also photographers, modeling agencies, and advertising companies contact us. Thus, we are experienced in working with images of any complexity.

How Does It Work?

To start using our service, all you have to do is take four simple steps:

  1. Upload your photos or provide a link to them.
  2. Write detailed instructions and attach an example*.
  3. Get your photos edited.
  4. Accept the work or send it for revision.

*If you need to stick to a certain style of photo processing, attach an example of what should be the result.

Upload photos

Get your edited photos

Write instructions

Submit for revision if needed

Photo editing prices

We are present in many countries throughout the world (Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, South America, and Europe) and we provide our clients with the most affordable prices. We are often questioned about the pricing policy. That’s why we have adopted four retouching levels for our clients’ convenience.

For instance, the Basic level is the least expensive. It includes basic editing features such as color correction and cropping. Whereas the High End level is more advanced. It involves painstaking efforts in dealing with the finest details (fixing a headshot, changing the shapes, and adding HDR effects). That is why this price is comparatively higher. So, by selecting the desired level, the customer avoids overpaying for unwanted functions.

We use cutting-edge software in our work. This includes Photoshop, which allows us to refine any image and fix any flaws. We still run more specific apps, such as Lightroom with special sets of tools for processing colors and removing visual blemishes. To be sure, the final cost depends on the scope of the software used and the overall work complexity.

How to choose the proper level

First of all, be sure to have an idea of the final result you are aiming at. For your convenience, we have developed several retouching levels, each differing in complexity and scope of work.

The cheapest one involves basic color processing and cropping, while the most advanced one involves creating artworks for fashion magazines and making digital drawings. Once you’re familiar with each level and its cost, you can select the best set of features for you.

Basic retouching

This level covers a set of essential functions for perfecting your shots. These include:

  • Basic color modifications and toning;
  • Light headshot correction (nose, eyes, hair, cheeks, etc.);
  • Cropping.

When you have a pretty nice shot and the only thing you need is to slightly modify some points (for example, to process the face), this level is the best choice. Such processing does not affect the outer aspect of the image and provides a “same picture, just a bit better” effect. Skin imperfections are smoothed out, glare is removed, and the hairstyle is evened out.

Pro retouching

This is something more advanced, involving in-depth and all-round refinement:

  • Lightening the color;
  • Modifying the headshot;
  • Reshaping the figure and face;
  • Improving the background;
  • Adding HDR effects.

Pro retouching is often favored by fashion magazines, modeling agencies, and advertising companies. In other words, all those who need a perfect shot. We never ignore a single detail in our work to deliver the most presentable and atmospheric look that was intended before the shooting.

Top-quality retouching

  • Sometimes we get poor shots. There can be many reasons for this, from incorrect camera settings to lighting issues. In this case, avoid getting upset by a failed shooting, as top-quality retouching can rectify the flaws. This package includes:
    • Lightening the color;
    • Modifying the headshot;
    • Reshaping the figure and face;
    • Improving the background;
    • Adding HDR effects.

    The Fotoks team enjoys a wealth of experience dealing with shots of any complexity, so we can guarantee a perfect result.

Photo processing and restoration

This level is suitable for those who need deep post-processing. The one-shot price here is the highest because the specialists devote a lot of time to small details and therefore invest much effort. The main services included are:

  • Creative headshot editing;
  • Creating digital drawings;
  • Natural photomontage;
  • Pictorial stylization.

Apart from this, we repair shots that have been damaged by moisture, heat, or stains. This also includes images that have been degraded by aging.


If you want to check the quality of our services beforehand, we can handle one of your photos for free. This is quite convenient because you can then decide whether the retouching price corresponds to your expectations.

Test processing would be especially useful for those who need to process a large set of shots with a predictable result. We realize that there may be cases where the photo editing price can be quite high for the client, that’s why we offer to take advantage of such a quality test.

Prices for our loyal customers

We offer a discount to everyone who works with us regularly. Its amount depends on the total cost of the orders.

  1. Over $500 – 5% discount on subsequent services.
  2. From $500 to $2,000 – 7% discount on subsequent services.
  3. Over $2000 – 10% discount on subsequent services.

Keep in mind that the saving amount is not reset after applying the discount and there is no restriction between orders. This advantage is constantly used by our loyal customers: representatives of various businesses, fashion industry companies, web designers, creative agencies, and photographers.

Fotoks is a well-coordinated team of experienced professionals, who are always willing to fulfill the most demanding tasks. We can implement almost any of your ideas or wishes, acting both quickly and efficiently.

We keep striving to provide our clients with the best prices and expand our offerings. Similar to other industries, photography and graphic processing do not stand still. They are constantly evolving, introducing technical innovations and advanced technologies. We do the same, tracking the news of the industry. Become our customer and get maximum benefits!

Fotoks Company Feedback
Feel free to leave your personal feedback below.
Matt Washington
I’ve ordered several dozen photos to be edited. I am pleased with the final result. My shots look much better and far more professional. The service price also pleased me.
Holly Garcia
I want to thank the manager who explained everything and showed me examples of how to improve my images. I am satisfied with having used this service.
James Hetfield
I’d like to mention the high level of retouching. My old family photo was restored remarkably well. And it doesn’t cost too much. I recommend this service.
Andy Nguyen
I work with this service on occasion since sometimes I lack free time for digital photo editing. These specialists are always precise in their work and do their job very well.
Jeremy Campbell
I started working with Fotoks as my colleagues advised me. I was pleasantly amazed by the level of professionalism of the company. They have never let me down with deadlines, which is crucial for me.
Tom Smith
They are working with professionalism, efficiency, and high quality. I am also quite satisfied with the prices. I recommend working with Fotoks on all matters related to computer image processing.



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