Examples of before and after retouching

We know for sure how important it is for our clients to understand what they get out of working with Fotoks. That is why we have developed a special page on our website for you to see the before and after retouching examples. The processed shots clearly show how images are modified and improved after Fotoks specialists have worked on them.

Our portfolio features all kinds of projects of varying complexity. Apart from private individuals, we also deal with businesses, advertising agencies, and fashion industries. We will be pleased to accept your order as well!


If you want to check the quality of our services beforehand, we can handle one of your photos for free. This is quite convenient because you can then decide whether the retouching price corresponds to your expectations.

Test processing would be especially useful for those who need to process a large set of shots with a predictable result. We realize that there may be cases where the photo editing price can be quite high for the client, that’s why we offer to take advantage of such a quality test.

Basic photo retouching

This method involves removing too visible flaws in a shot. For example, it can be unnecessary objects in a landscape or skin flaws on the face in a close-up headshot. Basic retouching makes the image more accurate and good-looking, preserving its uniqueness at best.

Professional photo retouching

Pretty much everyone wants to look perfect in a photo. But sometimes a photo shoot doesn’t go smoothly enough so that the final shots lack any imperfections. In such a situation, pro-level retouching is definitely needed to make the image look strong enough to be used, for example, for advertising purposes.

High-end photo retouching

This type of service is one of the most challenging, as it requires a great deal of skill and knowledge from the specialist. Technical mastery and creative approach are well blended here. High-quality editing is suitable for those who need almost every part of the image to be processed in detail.

Photo processing and restoration

We may add a bit of creativity to your photo. We can make it artistic, be styled to look like a painting, and create a digital picture or a natural photomontage. Besides, we are doing restoration of damaged or worn-out photos. In other words, we give a second life to your favorite shots